Padang TIME – Padang City Trade Office together with the Health Service and BBPOM in Padang intensify supervision of food during Ramadan 1443 H year 22022.
Supervision aims to anticipate the circulation of expired, damaged and unlicensed food and beverage products circulating in the month of Ramadan and Eid later, said the Head of the Padang City Trade Office, Andree Algamar, Tuesday (5/4/2022).
Prior to entering Ramadhan, the joint team had already carried out surveillance at several supermarkets in the city of Padang. As a result, the team found products that had expired or that had no signs of expiration and so on.
According to Andree, there are still many business actors who sell frozen food in bulk or without packaging so that there is no sign of expiration, and many MSME goods are found that have run out of P –IRT marks.
Expired items were found in malls and minimarkets, 4 packs of instant coffee, 6 packs of natadecoco food.
For this reason, they hope that shop owners, supermarkets or the like can pay attention to the products they sell. This needs to be a concern so that consumers are protected from consuming expired food and beverage products, said Andree. (pt)


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