A total of 1,600 lapek (lemper) with 40 different flavors were served by the people of Nagari Pasia Laweh, Palupuh District in welcoming guests and participants of the XL MTQ at the Agam Regency level.
Wali Nagari Pasia Laweh, Dr (Cand) Zul Arfin, S.Sos, MM said, in addition to empowering local cuisine, the presence of Lapek at the Agam Regency grand event was also a safe and healthy meal for guests of the XL MTQ.
He explained that the XL MTQ at the Agam Regency level was a moment for the people of Nagari Pasia Laweh to turn the wheels of the economy. The local community chose lapek as a souvenir and delicious meal for MTQ participants.
“The community discusses what food is delicious, sterile and safe for guests to consume. Where the food served does not rely on products from outside the region, so this side dish was chosen,” he said, Sunday (29/5).
According to him, lapek is a meal with abundant ingredients in Nagari Pasia Laweh. The materials needed in the form of leaves, corn, sticky rice, pumpkin and so on are easy to find in the community.
“The material is bought from the local community which is then sold out again, eventually there is a circulation of money which ultimately stimulates the local community’s economy,” he said.
It was stated that at the XL MTQ of Agam Regency, the people of Nagari Pasia Laweh served approximately 1,600 lapek with 40 different flavors. Lapek-lapek are produced through 10 Dasawisma groups.
“We are still setting aside another 3,400 lapek which will be served to guests who take part in the MTQ until the closing,” said Zul Arfin.
Furthermore, the Pasia Laweh Nagari Government and PKK plan to make Lapek a culinary icon typical of the local Nagari.
According to him, weathered is a food that has a philosophy. It is said, weathered is a respectable food. The reason is, the cleanliness of the weathered one is maintained by the wrapper and the one that has been opened no one wants to eat it.


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