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West Sumatra Police Arrest Perpetrators of Livestock Theft in Padang

Padang TIME – The West Sumatra Police Ditreskrimum ranks two perpetrators of cattle theft in the city of Padang. One other perpetrator is still being sought by officers.
This was conveyed by the Head of Sub-Division of Penmas Bidhumas of the West Sumatra Police AKBP Afriyani, SH accompanied by the Head of Sub-Directorate III of the West Sumatra Police Ditreskrimum AKBP Jefri Indra Jaya, SH, Thursday (31/3) at the West Sumatra Police Headquarters.
The perpetrators who were arrested were initials R (28), ERP (33). The perpetrator who DPO is D (25). They carried out their action on Tuesday (15/3) in the Air Cold TPA area, Koto Tangah District, Padang City.
“The perpetrators had intended to steal cows at the Air Cold TPA, Lubuk Minturun, Padang City,” said AKBP Afriyani.
The evidence officer is one unit of an orange Dump Truck which is a garbage truck for the Padang City Environmental Service. Two pieces of the cow’s body that have been set aside in the form of money amounting to Rp. 2.000.000,-.
Then there is also one black Infinix mobile phone unit, three white sacks, and one pair of yellow boots.
At first, said Afriyani, actors R and D carried out their actions by killing a cow using a stone. Then put putas poison into the cow’s mouth.
“Perpetrator D immediately cut a cow into two pieces. Two pieces of the cow’s body were inserted into the Dump Truck and the plan is to sell it in the By Pass area,” he said.
However, when the other perpetrators, R and ERP, planned to sell the two pieces of beef, the West Sumatra Regional Police’s Opsnal Ditreskrimum unit managed to apprehend the perpetrators.
“The alleged article is Article 363 paragraph (1) and 4 of the Criminal Code with a maximum imprisonment of 7 years,” he concluded. (pt)



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