Deputy Governor of West Sumatra Appreciates Padang SAR’s Quick Response

Padang TIME – In order to visit the Padang Search and Rescue (SAR) Office (29/3), Deputy Governor of West Sumatra Audy Joinaldy visited as a form of appreciation for the performance of the Padang SAR Team in responding to the disaster emergency that hit West Sumatra several times and helping to make Exploration to Bariloga Island successful. Sabeu, Mentawai Islands Regency.
The head of the Padang SAR team, Asnedi, said that this was an effort to improve and build friendships as West Sumatra officials who finally visited the island
Padang SAR office.
“This momentum was ordered to exchange information, innovation and insight for mutual progress in West Sumatra in dealing with disasters and to establish friendship with the government,” said Asnedi, Head of Padang SAR.
This gathering with the Padang SAR Team is also an appreciation for the form of synergy and collaboration in the success of the Bariloga Sabeu Exploration mission and Quick Response in the disaster that occurred in West Sumatra.
I feel safe and comfortable in escorting this exploration by the Padang SAR TEAM I can see that when some of our friends go down to the sea without using buoys, this team is immediately alert and agile to rescue, even ready to escort from the desert to the island of Bariloga Sabeu using a RIG ship. in the waters of the high seas, I give 2 thumbs up for the Padang SAR Team,” said Audy.
Escorting the exploration group on the high seas using only RIG ships shows the quality of the SAR team who has high professionalism and rescues, in addition to the landslide that occurred in Malampah Pasaman yesterday, the SAR team is already on standby at the location for a quick response in a disaster, also compact in and victims. disasters, besides that disasters also occurred in urban districts, one of which was floods and fires.
“We need to synergize and collaborate from the SAR TEAM with various parties, both with blackouts in districts and provinces and will harmonize and harmonize every activity with districts and cities, which means we will also be safe in West Sumatra against disasters,” concluded Audy during her visit. .
Also attending this gathering was the Head of the Government Bureau, Doni Rahmat Samulo and all officials at the Padang SAR Office. (Mc Prov West Sumatra)



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